After years of practice and working with clients, our compressors have acquired numerous awards and certifications from various domestic and international institutes, including the ISO9001, ISO14000, OHSAS-18000, ISO1461-1, TOSHMS verification (Taiwan), Symbol of Excellence Award (Taiwan), 2010 Industry Innovation Achievement Award (Taiwan), and many more.

The SRT two-stage screw heat pump is environmentally-friendly, exceptionally efficient, and highly precise, featuring a built-in eco-friendly R134a refrigerant. The SRT314HA to SRT413HA high temperature pump models operate at a capacity between 200 and 500kW (uniaxial pressure) with a heat capacity between 120 and 300kW (uniaxial pressure), and produce a discharge volume of approximately 267/172 to 636/300m3/hr. The SRT218 to SRT415 are low-temperature freezers that feature different refrigerant options. The R22 refrigerant has an evaporation temperature from -25℃ to -60℃; the R404A and R507 refrigerants have evaporation temperatures from -25℃ to -65℃), COP up to 1.68 (Evp. -35℃), and discharge volumes of about 144/60 – 759/300m3/hr.

SDL Series
SDL Series
SDL Series
SDL Series
SDL Series
SDL Series

Specially designed for pressure differential refrigeration and application to heat pumps. The compound two-stage screw compressor is equipped with a pair of rotors, one on high pressure and one on low pressure, for a synchronous direct drive of the electrical machinery. It is also built with highly precise curved-tooth gear coupling to achieve the best state of balance and to make the entire design more compact and exquisite.

The series adopts the eco-friendly R134a refrigerant and is an exceptionally energy-efficient two-stage screw heat pump. The heat pump can be operated with boilers or simply used as a boiler, saving 70% of power consumption and reducing at least 40% of the carbon dioxide emissions.

This product has a wide operating range, produces 85℃ hot water, and can be applied to various high-temperature hot water units. When running between -30℃ and -65℃, its efficiency is 30% greater than single-stage screw refrigerant compressors and 20% greater than low-temperature two-stage reciprocating compressors.

It possesses a highly reliable and multi-nationally patented cooling control system as well as a patented gear tooth for precision processing. It performs with high COP value, low vibration, and low noise.

Petrochemical Industry
Freeze Dehydration of Medicine
Low Temperature Petrochemical Industry
Preheat Of Boiler
Rapid Refrigeration During Food Processing
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