Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen generator is an automatic equipment that uses zeolite molecular sieve as adsorbent, uses the principle of pressurized adsorption and depressurization desorption to realize the dynamic separation of O2 and N2, adsorbs and releases nitrogen from the air, so as to separate oxygen.
The separation effect of zeolite molecular sieve on O2 and N2 is based on the slight difference in the kinetic diameter of the two gases. N2 and other CO2, H2O and other molecules have a fast diffusion rate in the micropores of zeolite molecular sieve, and the diffusion rate of O2 molecules is slow. Finally, O2 molecules are enriched from the adsorption tower.
MO Series
MO Series

Mo-02 integrated model adopts Fusheng oil-free scroll body and clean compressed air conforming to ISO8573 standard to ensure clean air source. Finite element analysis and empirical verification are adopted to better balance the rotating unbalanced inertia force of the air compressor, add "damping suspension system", reduce the vibration of the unit, reduce the vibration value of the unit in all directions to less than 5mm / s and lower the noise value.

Considerate, efficient and reliable overall design, 0.2 ~ 0.5MPa low-pressure oxygen supply, safer oxygen for immediate production and use, no storage, elimination of hidden dangers of flammability and explosion, and safer oxygen use. Accessible maintenance design, convenient maintenance, optimized air duct design and reduced operation noise. Humanized operation, one key start and stop, unattended, remote monitoring and 24-hour long-term operation.

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