SRT series single-machine two-stage heat pump compressor has been affirmed and appreciated by various unit manufacturers at home and abroad after years of use and training by customers,
SRT series single-machine two-stage heat pump compressor is a green and high-efficiency heat pump product. It adopts environment-friendly R134a refrigerant and high-efficiency precision two-stage spiral heat pump compressor, which contributes much to energy conservation and carbon reduction. Srt314ha ~ srt413ha high temperature heat pump series, capacity range - single pressure 200 ~ 500 kW, exhaust volume about 267 / 172 ~ 636 / 300m3 / HR, heating capacity 120 ~ 300kW. Srt218 ~ srt415 low temperature refrigeration series, R22 evaporation temperature - 25 ° C ~ - 60 ° C, (R404A (r507) evaporation temperature - 25 ° C ~ - 65 ° C), cop up to 1.68 (EVP. - 35 ° C), exhaust volume about 144 / 60 ~ 759 / 300m3 / HR.
SRT Series
SRT Series
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